In 1970, the usual method for most people interacting with a computer was through a teletype like machine. In 1982, a computer "monitor", much like a TV screen, allowed the computer to quickly an easily display information for the user. In 1970, the price of a computer was out of reach of almost all individuals. In addition, the operation of even the easiest to use computer was far too complicated for normal people to learn in their spare time. Nevertheless, in the 1970 article, several computer "experts" believed computers could be in the home within a decade. Who knew exactly what they thought these computers would look like or what they would be used for, but it is undoubtably different from the actual usage and look of personal computers in 1982.
An Apple II An IBM PC

In 1982, both the Apple II and the IBM PC were in mass production and both were easy enough (compared to the computers of the 70's) to use so that even a farmer could use them. In 1970, large amounts of data that was to be stored for a long time was put on reel-to-reel magnetic tape. In 1982, floppy disks and cassettes were becoming the way computers stored info.

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